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Accounting Integration Marina Management is a Service. The Marina with the Best Customer Service wins.

Feature 1


You can't make a budget without seeing exactly who signs off on every expense, you need to see which department needs the most and which doesn't need as much. You certainly can't catch a theif without proof. Whatever the case, profits come from the pennies over which you have control.

Feature 2


Again, the second use of Accountability and I have no idea to what this refers.

Nope, still nothin'.

Feature 3

Deposits as Liabilities

Once more, I have no understanding of this or what it might mean to a Marina manager.

Yes, Virginia, there are some things I don't know.

Feature 4

Pre Paid Moorage

I get this but how does a software package cure that?

That's just plain old money in the bank isn't it?

Feature 5

Cash or Accrual

This is where I call my accountant, Britt Smith, and ask, "Huh?"

This is another way my limited experience trips me up as I have no idea to what some of these references reference.

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